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Rabbi PJ Schwartz

"I Have a Choice" is not simply a bedtime book for your child, but a wonderful conversation starter about all the choices we have in our lives and the freedoms we have to choose what is best for us. I love Romano's use of colors and leaves to articulate the various choices we may be faced with. As a rabbi, I can absolutely see using his book to lift up enduring Jewish values. As a parent of a toddler, I can absolutely see using this book to help my child process feelings. If there's any choice to make right now, it's purchasing this book!"

Janet Hlatky

"Wonderful book with text and illustrations that really call out to young people!"

Cheryl Czulewit

"What a great book to share with children. I love that it's full of opportunities for discussions about how life is full of choices and how the choices one makes impact their lives. Great for parents and teachers to read with their children."

Jill Liflander

"I was really struck by the author’s choice (!) to use leaves as the representation of choice. Shifting choice from the abstract to the natural world really sat in a beautiful way for me, and the illustrations perfectly complemented that organic feeling. I loved the choices of faces and bodies and family structures, and the leaning in to how elemental our choices are to who we are and how we choose to live. The last line of course struck me with its tremendous power!"

Darryl Dick

Wonderful story, heartfelt message, and gorgeous illustration! Eleanor Roosevelt's quote is perfect to begin the story with.  I love that quote and truly believe that we become what we think about.I really love the line "Did you know that each choice leads to the next?"  Absolute truth and your story drives that point home. Using the different types of leaves to make your point was a GREAT idea!!!"

Aaron Pomeranz

This book can be appreciated by adults and children alike, at all levels of psychosocial development. This story holds the promise to spur crucial conversations among children and caretakers about identity and initiative, and is a phenomenal introduction to core concepts of humanism. “I Have a Choice” is both a love letter to life and an anthem for a generation of explorers and restorers United by a shared sense of unbridled possibility. 
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